Your Daily Bath

Bathing is the most important ritual of the day.  It effectively cleanses our body of all the dirt and filth. But this is not the only advantage of bathing. A bath does a lot for us. If we know all the advantages of bathing, then we can derive a lot more benefits from it.

Here are a few tips to make this daily routine more effective for you:

Try to bath twice in a day. If you can’t do that, then bathing at least once in a day is a must. Your bathroom should be comfortable and warm. If you can afford a spacious, attractive and a luxurious one, it’s even better. Use a large, soft and warm towel after the bath. Spray some deodorant or dab on a good perfume later.

We all know that bathing helps in removal of dirt and grime from the body. This makes us more resistant to diseases as it increases the immune system of the body. Cleaning thoroughly also prevents body odor. So concentrate on cleaning the body thoroughly. Scrubbing and massaging cleansers as well as scrubs appropriately, while in the bath.

Here are some tips on effective cleansing:

Always use natural cleansers, soaps and loofahs for cleansing. Artificial cleansers and cleaning agents agitate your skin and could have harmful effects in the long run. A jute loofah, coarse string mitt, sea salts, sugar, etc are some beneficial substances used for scrubbing and cleaning. Moreover rub the scrub or cleanser into your body only after you have wet your body thoroughly.

Your morning bath prepares you mentally as well as physically for the day. Notice how you feel fresh and rejuvenated after a bath, which helps you mentally later in the day.  If you scrub and rub your skin properly, it increases blood circulation in your body. This is what makes you feel more mentally alert after a bath. Thus a good morning bath makes you feel sprightly and ready to face the day ahead.

While, an evening bath should relax and tranquilize you.  It should help ease the tension of the day. To make the best of your bath time, make it private and reconnect with yourself. If you have a tub, you can use a bath pillow or a folded towel to rest your head. You should try to unwind by reading, listening to music etc. This helps in relieving tension and calming stress in your mind and body.