Ways To Get Naturally Soft Pink Lips

Ways To Get Naturally Soft Pink Lips Where beauty is concerned, we just can’t leave out lips which are one of the significant features on the face. Lips can either enhance your look or completely work in the opposite direction.

This will solely depend on you and on how to treat your lips. Proper care will give you soft and supple lips and on the other hand if you avoid them it can lead to chapped, dry and flaky lips that look ugly for sure. There might be a lot of lip balms and other products available in the market that promises you to keep the lips nourished and pink.

However, they may have their own side effects attached or prove to be expensive on the pocket for some of us. On the contrary, adhering to natural solutions for soft and pink lips is a better idea not only on the affordability front but also because they are completely safe and effective. Here are the simple home solutions that you can try for those ultimate looking and flawless lips.

Home Remedies for Supple and Rosy Lips

The Magic of Rose Petals

One of the most handy and effective ways to make your lips red and beautiful is the use of rose petals. All you got to do is crush about 4-5 petals into a fine paste. Now apply this evenly on the lips for sometime. This procedure can be followed 2-3 times in a day. Along with the red color, it adds smoothness and softness to the lips as well.

Also, the petals can be crushed with milk cream and applied on the lip area for say 20 minutes. Rinse off for instant outcomes! To this you can also add natural honey which is a good moisturizer. This natural remedy also helps in removing the dead cells from the lips.

Lemon Juice Wonders

One of the easiest ways to reach your goal of rosy lips- massage them gently with fresh lemon juice.

Ways To Get Naturally Soft Pink Lips


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Natural Moisturizer- Honey

Honey is not only a perfect natural item for nourishment but also makes the lips pinky if applied overnight everyday.

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Benefit of Beetroot

Take out some fresh beetroot juice and apply chilled on the lips. Keep this for 20-25 minutes and rinse it. This should be followed 3-4 times each day. This will definitely give you desired results in a matter of weeks.

Ghee for Lips

The natural ghee is one of the perfect ingredients for rosy and soft lips. For maximum effects it should be applied at least 3 times in a day. However, the ghee should be a little warm and cure the issues of chapped and flaky lips.

Raspberry/Aloe Vera and Honey

Mix in raspberries, honey and Aloe Vera and keep it on the lips for 5 minutes. Wash off and follow it by a good lip balm to nourish.

Strawberry and petroleum jelly

Mix some crushed strawberries in petroleum jelly. Use it as a moisturizer of the lips everyday. This will make them smooth and red.

Oils good for Lips

Olive oil, clove oil or mustard oil, choose any one of them for application on the lips at night before going off to sleep.

These are some of the simplest and 100 percent natural idea to get soft and pink lips.

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