Waxing Tips

There are many woes associated with getting your monthly waxing treatment. Pimples, red bumps, bruising, red irritated skin, ingrown hair are some of the common anguishes. A few waxing tips have been provided below to help you wax appropriately and avoid the side effects.

Pre Waxing
Waxing can be painful; some people feel the pain during waxing more intensely than others. The pain is also more acute during your first waxing treatment and if you have not waxed for a long period of time. There are many things you can do to reduce the pain during waxing. There are numerous numbing sprays available in the market. They dull your nerves and minimise pain. You can also try taking an aspirin or ibuprofen about 30 minutes before your waxing treatment.

You can also do a few more things before waxing. Apply some heat to the area that you are going to wax. It opens up your pores and hair comes out more easily. A hot shower or warm compresses are great. Exfoliating with a nice body scrub also helps. Avoid doing anything before waxing that might close the pores such as rubbing ice, applying astringent or toner.

Clean your face thoroughly before a waxing treatment, this prevents emergence of pimples. Pick a gentle affective cleanser and warm water to cleanse your face, hands, legs etc. Ensure that there is no make-up, moisturizer or oil on the areas you are going to wax. Do not have any alcoholic or caffeinated beverages before waxing, they make your skin more sensitive.

During Waxing
Do not get tensed during the waxing treatment, take deep breadths and try to relax. Be careful about the areas you are waxing. If your skin is very sensitive in some areas, do not wax there. Also, refrain from waxing sun burnt, irritated, and acne covered skin.

Hold your skin firmly and taut while waxing. This reduces the incidence of bruising dramatically. Be cautious about the amount of wax you apply on the skin. If the thickness is more than required then too much pressure will be exerted to remove the wax.

Post Waxing Care
Cleanse the waxed area again properly. Use a soothing lotion containing witch hazel, rose water or any other toning agent. Do not keep touching the waxed area, it promotes growth of bacteria. Do not go for a spa, sauna, manicure or pedicure treatment after getting waxed. Just take a light and effortless shower for a few days after waxing. In case you get any pimples, do not pop them.  If your skin is irritated after waxing, applying a cooling lotion like aloe based gel or hydrocortizone cream.

It not sufficient to exfoliate only before waxing. You should do the same after a waxing treatment also. Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes; instead pick loose clothing that allows your skin to breathe.  Cover up the waxed areas before going out in the sun after waxing.