Vitamins to Make Skin Glow

We all want clear and glowing skin. The market is flooded with creams and lotions that promise to take care of all skin troubles. However, a good skin care regime starts with a healthy diet.

You need to incorporate nutrients in your diet that will repair and heal the skin. Vitamins are a great way to make your skin supple and get a glowing complexion.

Start your day by drinking a glass of orange juice or having a bowl of strawberries. This will take care of your daily requirement of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is important for building and repairing collagen; the tissue that gives elasticity to your skin. The tighter the collagen, the younger your skin will look.

For breakfast have oatmeal mixed with a little wheat germ. Wheat germ is known to prevent the skin from going to extremes. You can avoid dry flaky skin or a very oily skin. Wheat germ can also be used in cake or muffin batters. It’s a good source of Vitamin B and mixed with milk will give you great results on the skin.

Vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, spinach and green beans are packed with Vitamin A. It prevents your skin from turning rough and patchy while also keeping wrinkles at bay. Vitamin A is also helpful to reduce acne and scars left after acne treatment.

Fruits are also an excellent source of some essential vitamins. Grapefruit, tomatoes, cantaloupe and strawberries contain Vitamin C, E, beta carotene and antioxidants. All these help by preventing premature wrinkling of the skin. Antioxidants also help by reducing the free radicals in the body that are responsible for acne breakouts.

Increase the consumption of all these foods in your daily diet and cut down on processed foods like white bread, pasta and pizza. They don’t have any nutritive value and instead make the skin appear duller.

Water, though deficient in nutrients, will keep your body and skin hydrated. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily to make your skin supple, moist and healthy. Water works by eliminating harmful toxins from the body.

These vitamins will keep your body healthy. This health will reflect on your clear and glowing skin. For better results you can also use night creams packed with Vitamin E to repair the damaged collagen as you sleep through the night.