Vitamins For A Healthy and Glowing Skin

A strong relationship exists between nutritional intake and skin health as has been proved by researchers in recent times. Eating a lot of vegetables and fruits or taking a multivitamin everyday boosts your over all health. There are various products of skin care that contain these essential vitamins that contribute to a glowing complexion.

Most people do not take enough care to replenish themselves with the vitamins and minerals that their body requires to function correctly. You have to be aware of what skin vitamins work for particular conditions of skin and choose products with appropriate care.

Some of the vitamins that are absolutely essential for a good conditioned skin are as follows:

Vitamin A helps to strengthen the skin’s protective tissue and prevents occurrence of acne. It also helps to lower sebum production. It helps in repair and maintenance of the tissue comprising the mucous membrane and skin. Powerful antioxidants in vitamin A help to keep out toxins and free radicals from the body that prevents the occurrence of wrinkles and lines. You can fruits such as papaya and carrots for getting this much needed vitamin for better skin condition.

Vitamin B Complex is another vital skin vitamin that helps in the maintenance of healthy skin tone while being helpful in preventing anxiety and stress. This vitamin also fights against acne and contributes to great looking skin by improving blood circulation and metabolism. It helps in boosting your immune function and production of antibodies.

Vitamin C helps in healing of wounds because of its anti-oxidant properties by aiding in stabilizing collagen. It helps to prevent formation of broken blood vessels and in maintaining a radiant complexion. Vitamin aids in reducing wrinkles and lines and lessens the severity of burns from sun exposure when applied topically.

Vitamin E helps in providing soothing effects on the skin. It also helps to improve moisturization and smoothness of the skin because of its anti-oxidant properties. It also provides moderate levels of photo protection. Doctors even recommend application of vitamin E oil on skin to improve its texture and suppleness. Many beauty products contain this ingredient also.