Vitamin C Good for Face

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for smoother, firmer and youthful skin. You should include vitamin C in your diet and you can apply products containing vitamin C on your face.

It is very useful to consume vitamin C in your daily diet because it promotes the development of collagen in your body. Collagen makes your skin shiny and glowing. Collagen is effective for skin tuning and firmness. It helps to reduce wrinkles and face lines on your face. Excess of collagen replace scars on your face or leave scars unnoticeable. Vitamin C helps to boost your immune system.

It helps to exfoliate your dead skin cells without damaging new skin cells. It protects your skin against free radicals. Free radicals develop in your body due to sun and environmental pollution. You should include lots of citric fruits in your diet, as these fruits are rich in vitamin C.

Grapes, lemon, orange and peaches are good sources of vitamin C. Instead of fruits, there are many vegetables which are having high amount of vitamin C, such as cabbage, spinach, broccoli, tomatoes and green chilly. You should include these fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.

Deficiency of vitamin C makes your face dull and acne prone. You should use beauty products which contain vitamin C. It helps to make your face glowing, smooth and acne free. Most of vitamin C beauty products protect your skin against harmful ultra violet rays.

Skin care products containing vitamin C have the ability to support against fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation, which are the symptoms of premature aging. But the use of these vitamin C products should be continued with the recommendation of the health experts or dermatologist. You can intake vitamin C supplements in your diet, which helps to diminish acne and go a long way to prevent anti aging and overall healthier living style.

Ascorbic acid is present in vitamin C which is capable to fight against aging process and helps to prevent photo damage and pigmentation problems. It also helps to improve tone and texture by removing dead skin cells. Sunscreen lotion containing vitamin C can protect you from harmful Ultra violet rays and dryness from the sun.