Use Fruits and Vegetables for Glowing Skin

Spas and beauty saloons often charge the sky for various beauty treatments. Not everyone can afford the luxury of a spa experience every now and then. Most people may prefer to get parlour treatments like special facials, massage and manicure, pedicure whenever they have some important social engagements.

Many spas offer ‘all-natural facials’ which use fresh fruits and vegetables in addition to massage creams and face packs. Such facials tend to cost a lot more than normal facials. However, in reality, the ingredients that go into these natural facials are very basic and would cost you a lot less if you decide to do such facials at home.

If you have to make an appearance at a wedding, a business party or such event of extreme social importance, you may decide it wise to head for the spa and refresh yourself with a luxurious, albeit expensive beauty treatment. However, we can’t afford the spa bill quite often. Thus, home facials come into the picture.

You can retain your glowing skin or get that supple, fresh look without needing to head to an expensive beauty parlour if you treat yourself to home facials. In this article, we will share some tips on how to do a home facial. The ingredients are very basic and the entire process will take less than 30 minutes.

Cut a fresh cucumber into cubes and grind it in a clean mixer grinder. Add the juice of one lemon to this pulp. Clean your face with cleansing milk. Rub ice cubes on your face, pat dry and rub the cucumber pulp on to your skin in circles for 10 minutes. Let the pulp remain on your face for another 5-10 minutes. Wash with cold water, do not use any soap. Pat dry.

Similarly, a home facial can be done by blending oats and a tablespoon of honey in a mixer.  Honey has properties to make the skin supple and this home facial will slowly lighten the fine lines on your face with regular use. Tomato, papaya, cabbage and eggs can be used to make similar home facial packs. Adding a pinch of turmeric to the vegetable or fruit pulp may enhance the effect of the facial.