Usage Of Glycolic Peel For A Beautiful Skin

Glycolic peel treatment is quite beneficial in harnessing youthful appearance. It successfully addresses various skin problems related to aging such as dull lifeless skin with blemishes, wrinkles, sun damage and stubborn scars. Glycolic acid is a type of alpha hydroxyl acid which is also known as fruit acid extracted from various plant extracts (especially fruits) for example Sugarcane ,Grape, Pineapple, Cantaloupe, Sugar beet, Oranges and other citrus fruits etc.

Because of its acidic and alcoholic property, glycolic acid breaks down upper dead skin layer successfully to penetrate deep within the dermis.The basic role of glycolic acid in skin treatment is that of an exfoliator. It breaks open the uppermost layer of damaged skin which can be washed off easily to rejuvenate the skin from within. Along with facial skin, glycolic peel can be successfully treat damaged skin of hand, chest, arm and leg. It can be applied locally or on entire area without much difficulty.

Application Of Glycolic Peel

One can easily apply glycolic peel at home but for first time users, concentration of the peel should be ideally 30% which can be gradually increased up to 70%. A patch test is always recommended before applying it on affected skin. For this one should take a small portion of the peel and apply it over a small area on arm or leg, allow it to stand for a minute then wash it off. A little tingling sensation is normal; if the patch test does not show any reaction other than that (tingling sensation) then it can be applied on affected skin without any hesitation.

First of all one should cleanse the face or other affected area properly to remove any dirt or oil. Then take a drop of the peel on a cotton ball and apply it gently over the skin. Leave it on for a few minute or as per the instruction manual and then wash the peel with any neutralizer or plain water. A little burning or tingling sensation is normal during the retention. Apply some good moisturiser immediately after washing. One should not touch and rub the area (where the peel is applied).

A few things are to be taken care of to get maximum benefit post application since the skin become extra sensitive. One should avoid direct sun exposure or apply a sunscreen with high SPF. Like this immediate (or within 24 hours) shaving or waxing of the area where the peel was applied is quite harmful. Appearance of skin flakes is normal which fall off on its own within some time so one should not pull those dead skin flakes( in order to remove them forcefully) ,it might prolong the healing process or leads to unnecessary skin damage.

Benefits Of Glycolic Acid Peel

As glycolic acid does the dual action of a collagen stimulant and exfoliator. It solves scores of beauty problem which might require surgical precision. It works excellently for fair skinned individuals rather than the dark skin one. With just 4-5 sessions of application, remarkable improvement in overall skin texture can be noticed. Glycolic peel can successfully solve the problem of hyperpigmentation. Other than this it cures acne, white and black heads, bumps etc. effectively.

As a nature shield against several signs of aging, glycolic peel is definitely a boon for beauty conscious people that yield youthful exuberance almost magically.

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