Urticaria Treatment- Natural Cures

Urticaria is a type of skin rash that makes skin appear pale red and provide itchy bumps. It happens mainly because of allergic reaction to medicine or food. If you encounter this problem, the skin surface of the affected area will swell up and cause irritation.

There are some effective natural treatments to heal the problem. Read on.

Urticaria treatment with natural remedies:

At first make a paste by grinding about fifteen fresh holy basil leaves and rub the paste on the swelling. You can prepare another paste of sandalwood and apply it on the affected area to get a better result. You can also apply aloe vera gel as it gives a fast result to cure Urticaria.

Papaya can be effective natural source to treat this disorder. Take a fresh papaya and smashed it. Apply this on the red swelling as it reduces the irritation. You can also mix rose water and vinegar and apply the mixture smoothly over the swelling to get a quick relief from this syndrome.

Take one tsp oats, soak it in boiled water, and strain the solution. Applying this on your skin is very useful for fast relief. Some flowers can also provide a benefit in such conditions. Take some flowers such as calendula, chamomile, elder flowers, Echinacea root and yarrow flowers and boil them together in some fresh water. Add baking soda to this mixture and strain the solution. Now apply the solution over the swelling to reduce the pain and get immediate relief.

Mint is another good natural remedy in treating Urticaria. Take some mint and brown sugar, boiled these elements in one glass of water, and consume it. If you do this regularly, it will cure the itching sensation.

You can consume one-gram powder of the rauwolfia roots in a cup of warm water once daily as it relieves irritation and itching due to this syndrome. Daily intake of the mixture of the juice of wood apples with cumin powder is another effective natural remedy for Urticaria treatment.

Lastly, you should consume the foods that contain vitamin C as it helps to fight against the infections.