Urticaria – It’s Cause and Cure

There are many different kinds of skin problems that can occur in the body. Some we know about and can identify easily. Others we identify incorrectly and try to treat, but with adverse effects. There are still some which we know little or nothing about, although we might have experienced them ourselves. Urticaria or nettle rash is one such problem.

This is a skin disorder in which rashes, or pink or white itchy lesions and patches appear on the skin. These can be quite painful. It is caused mainly by allergic conditions of the skin, from physical factors like cold, heat, exertion, radiation, stress resulting from sexual problems.

Hormonal imbalance, allergic reactions and an inadequate diet are the main causes for urticaria. This occurs mostly during adolescence when the adrenal glands are overly stimulated. The reaction appears in the form of the sting of a nettle. Having bath in cold water, exposure to cold air and intestinal worms are also other significant causes for this condition. In very severe cases, there may be some feverishness or dizziness experienced.

The cure of urticaria is not too difficult. It can be obtained quite easily using products available conveniently in our homes. Mix three parts of rose water with two parts of vinegar. This mixture should be applied locally to be immediate relief.

Mix equal quantities of alum and red ochre. Grind them well together. The mixture thus obtained should be applied to the weals. To prevent the occurrence of urticaria grind one teaspoon of lycopus europaeus with three teaspoons of beeswax. This mixture should be made into little pills. These should be consumed along with lukewarm water.

There are several modifications that must be made in our diet to be able to control urticaria. Not only to prevent it’s occurrence if you find a slight chance of having contracted it, but also to cure the condition.

Increase the consumption and use of turmeric in the diet. Turmeric is known to have natural healing properties and helps cure the condition naturally without leaving any scars or marks. It is also a very good antiseptic and protector for the skin. Avoid consuming any sour foods. Also completely avoid having any variety of fish.