Urine Treatments for Skin Problems

Skin problems can sometimes take a very long time to heal. The regular visits to the doctors and buying medicated ointments can be very expensive in the long run.

You may sometimes find that the treatments work, only to come back again more mildly after a while. Any skin problem needs treatment and can cause embarrassment or discomfort to the person.

A very good alternative form of treatment which is free and easy is urine therapy. Most people cringe at the thought of doing it, but it is something which really does work. It causes no side effects or harm in any way.

The first morning urine is the best urine which should be collected. This urine can be applied to the affected area on the skin while bathing , even if it is the face. It is very beneficial to bathe in urine rather than use a soap especially if you are suffering from skin infections.

All you need to do is apply the urine on the body and leave it on for five minuted before you wash it off with water. Even soaking cotton swabs in the urine and applying it to the affected area is beneficial. Even if you find a little averse to use, you need not talk about the fact that you are doing it. It can be done along with your medical treatment as well.

Urine has been known to lighten scars and actually give you glowing and healthy skin. It is better if you are vegetarian as the urine will burn less on using.

The impact of urine therapy will be felt only after using it regularly for a while. The results are however, sustaining and you will see a larger impact with sustained use.

You can use the urine to help cure discoloration and pigmentation in the skin. Pimples and acne can also be cured from the root without leaving behind any scars. It will eventually add to the freshness of your skin. Children should be encouraged to use this from a very young age to avoid the onset on any of these problems.