Underarm Darkening: Causes and Solutions

To counter the darkening of the underarm it is essential that you first know the causes. One of main causes of underarm darkening is shaving of the underarm hair.

Shaving does not remove the hair completely as razor cannot go through the whole area of the underarm leaving a section of the hair beneath the skin. This results in micro bruising on a cellular level. Shunning this kind of hair removal will help in preventing further damage of the skin. It is advisable to try waxing and plucking as it will remove the hair entirely. Also, you should invest in a good underarm whitening cream so that the skin is rehydrated.

Deposit of impurities in the underarm due to excessive sweating is another reason for darkening of the underarm. These impurities clog the pores and resulting in darkening of the skin.

If this continues for long then there will be unpleasant symptoms like unpleasant body odor or there may be coloring of sweat. A rigorous cleaning routine is the simplest solution for this. You should pay more attention in cleaning the dirt from your armpit so that you can use underarm whitening products.

Deodorants and perfumes contain strong chemicals which may sometimes cause skin irritation or allergic to certain individuals and to some it may result in the darkening of the region applied. You can switch to natural ingredients for a gentler effect if you think the chemicals are causing the darkening of the region.

Hyper pigmentation may occur in the darkening of the underarm skin. Color of the skin, eyelashes and hair is controlled by melanin but excessive production will lead to development of uneven pigmentation. A solution to this will be the application of strong whitening cream. You should also get help from medical experts before starting these treatments as it involves treatment with strong ingredients which may have adverse effects like skin irritation, rashes, and red spots.

You might have known by now some of the causes of darkening of underarms. Besides these, the lifestyle we live and certain foods, smoking and also the weight and health of the individual contributes in darkening of the underarm. You should know the causes before starting the treatment so that you may use the most effective method for treating underarm darkening.