Ultrasound Facials For A Healthy And Younger Looking Skin

Ultrasound Facials In today’s modern world, there are a number of treatments which one can follow in order to achieve a smooth and glowing skin. Of these, a popular one is the ultrasound facial treatments.

Done with the help of an ultrasound facial machine, this method of treatment makes use of sound waves of a particular frequency in order to clear up skin defects. Problems like formation of lines and wrinkles and loss of elasticity which is usually connected with aging can be corrected by this technique.

The ultrasound waves are found to promote the production of collagen, thus giving the skin a healthy feel. This method can also be used to rectify the skin damages which are caused due to excessive exposure to the sun. All in all this method is a sure shot way to tone up your skin and give it a younger and vibrant feel.

The Skin care treatment of ultrasound facials consists of many steps. These include the steps ranging from preparing the skin for the facial to the aftercare which should be taken after the ultrasound treatment. For the process of ultrasound facial to be a complete success, it is imperative that you follow all the steps in a religious manner without any errors.

Preparation Of Skin

Before performing the ultrasound facial make sure that your skin is free of all cosmetic products. Even the presence of natural oils on the face is seen to interfere with the action of the ultrasound waves and hence it is necessary that you cleanse the skin in a proper manner.

The best choice will be to treat your face with a cleansing cream which is specifically designed to wipe out all the oil content on your face. You can also use witch hazel, which acts as an effective astringent and cleans the skin pores in a proper manner.

After the cleansing process, clean your face with warm water and wipe thoroughly using a hot steam towel. In certain spas, the cleansing process is replaced by a high intensity exfoliation process known as peeling in which 20 to 30 percent of the surface layer is removed.

Also while preparing for the facial, see to it that all your hair is kept away in a secured manner from your face, so as to ensure that the products used in the facial process do not stick on to the hair.

The Process

Before beginning the facial process, the practitioner will apply a thin layer of ultrasound gel on your face. The ultrasound machines in use features a probe which can be hand held. This probe is to be moved over the face in a gentle manner and by concentrating on the areas which are problematic. Massage the areas of the cheeks first and then slowly come down to the nose areas. This step helps in cleaning out the debris from the skin cells.

Ultrasound Facials

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In the next step, antioxidants and other nutrients are infused to the cells with the help of the ultrasonic hand probe. Sometimes depending on the skin’s condition, a frictional heat is applied which enhances the nutrient absorption by the skin cells, along with promoting the debris removal.

After the treatment the face is to be cleaned with a tissue and should be then wiped off with warm water

The After – Care

Usually ultrasound facials are done either weekly or twice a week, depending on the skin condition. For the treatment program to be a success, you will need to undergo 5 to 8 sessions.

While undergoing the treatment and also after the period of treatment, you should protect yourselves from the sun’s UV rays and so should avoid overexposure to the sun . Always wear a sunscreen whenever you venture out in the sun, as it offers you protection from the ultraviolet rays. Drinking plenty of water is also recommended as it is necessary to maintain the skin healthy from inside, thereby helping with the facial process.

Precautionary Measures

The process of ultrasound facial cannot be opted by everybody and this is one of its major setbacks. People having medical conditions like autoimmune disorders, heart diseases and hypertension should not opt for this treatment as it is detrimental to their health. Having a pacemaker fitted inside you also disqualifies you from availing the treatment. This process is also not suitable for pregnant women, as it may cause harm to both the mother and the unborn baby.

While performing the facial, you should also take care that the probe is used only on the skin surface. Do avoid placing the probe on your throat and also near the mouth as the ultrasound waves can cause serious damage to those parts.