Types of Skin Lotion

Lotions play a very important part in skin care and these days lotions are available for all types of skin as well as for all parts of the body. There are even lotions that are suitable for all skin types and they are very good for skin nourishment. However, you must get the right lotion for your skin type if you want a healthy and glowing skin. You should also use lotions according to the body part you wish to use it on. Here are the types of lotion that you can use.

Bath lotions are not for using in the bath but just after you have taken a refreshing shower. Usually people use this type of lotion after staying on long in the tub. These lotions remove the wrinkles formed by spending long time in water. They are formulated in such a way that they can replenish the essential oils that you tend to lose after long time in the shower. They also keep the skin moisturized.

There is another type of lotion called milk bath that is added to the bath water in a tub rather than being applied on the body. After adding the milk bath, you need to stay in the tub for some time to let the nutrients of milk get absorbed in your skin. Milk bath is a very popular way to revitalize your skin.

Then there are the body lotions. These are the lotions that one applies all over one’s body for skin nourishment and moisturizing it. These lotions are available in various formulations for the dry skin, neutral skin and oily skin. They come in variety of colors and fragrances. Choose you favorite.

Hands are the most important part of the body as they are used for most of the works as well as they are washed for the maximum number of times in a day. Obviously, it will take away the essential oils of your body. So hand lotions are very popular and essential too if you want your hand to look beautiful even after doing all the regular chores.

Finally, it is the time for the baby lotions. This lotion has been developed for the soft, sensitive skin of the babies. The adults too can use it if they have a sensitive skin. these are organic in composition and do not contain harsh chemicals.