Types Of Eczema

The inflammations or dermatitis which is developed on the upper layer of the skin are known as eczema. This eczema can affect you by means of hereditary carry or by other means like leaving your skin dry and also because of allergies. These eczemas are common defects and can be cured easily.

Commonly these eczemas are of four types. The hereditary form of eczema is known as atopic eczema. These are carried from the families having asthma and hay fever. Generally it gives itchy rashes, which are found on the scalp, hands, face and also in buttocks.

The reaction of allergens like poison ivy and irritant can lead the way to form eczema known as contact dermatitis which is formed because of allergies. The most cases are formed because of irritant, but it can be cured easily, including its traces.

Leaving your skin dry may provide a favorable condition for the eczema to occur. Your skin gets dried often in winter seasons which carry the dry air. So these climatic conditions are suited for eczemas. The affected areas will be leaving a crack which can be seen on legs and hands as they are exposed to the dry winter winds.

Greasy scale formation on scalp and eyebrows are the indication of seborrheic eczema. It is also accompanied with pimples and patches in red color. It is commonly known as dandruff and can be cured very easily.

The case may be severe or light, there are advanced treatments available for this eczema. In case, the defect is in mild state it can be corrected easily by maintaining your skin in a good moisturized condition and avoiding rough soaps.

If the condition is serious, better to consult a dermatologist and follow his prescriptions. Steroid creams can do the best but it must have a limited usage. When used for a long time it can cause degeneration of skin layers and atrophy.

When your skin gets cracked or damaged it becomes an easy way for the bacteria to enter in. So it is necessary that anti- biotic is used in those affected regions.