Types of Acne

“Oh my GOD!” you hear a woman screech. No! She has not lost consciousness and she has definitely not had a deadly encounter with a cockroach. Well, it is none other than the infamous ‘Acne’. This issue reserves its seat on every woman’s hit list! Its appearance sends jitters down her spine and what a time for it to make a come back! It occurs only when she has to set the party on fire! What a spoilsport! The most astonishing fact about Acne is that it harasses women of all age sectors and women from all walks of life. Its appearance teases a teenager, badgers a twenty something and stalks a woman in her forties.

Acne, in the most uncomplicated terminology is defined as blemishes that occur on places where several oil glands are present, most vulnerable area being the face. The neck, chest, back, shoulders, scalp, upper arms and legs are other places that witness these sudden eruptions. It is a chronic disorder of the hair follicles and sebaceous glands. This condition occurs in both girls and boys.

The process of eruption commences with a lesion called the comedo. The comedo is a hair follicle that consists of oil and bacteria. The bacteria grow under the inflamed hair follicle whenever it senses excessive oil production. The skin around the lesion looks progressively more inflamed. The two main types of acne are Non Inflammatory and Inflammatory acne.

A type of Non Inflammatory acne that appears as a small whitish bulge is called a whitehead. When the follicles enlarge and appear as tiny black lumps on the skin, they are called blackheads. They appear dark due to the upsurge of the melanin content. The development of Blackheads does not reflect poor hygiene.

Conditions of Inflammatory acne include the appearance of a Papule, which erupts on the skin in the form of a small bump. This lesion is considered a mediator between inflammatory and non-inflammatory conditions.

Another condition, known as the Pustule, appears round in shape. It is filled with pus and appears yellowish at the center of the inflammation. The most painful among the lesion clan is the cyst. These lesions are heavily filled with pus. The cyst is large and leaves behind scars.

Well, Acne is and will always continue to remain a quandary- an amalgamation of ludicrous bother, unnecessary hassle and untimely headaches.

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