Treatment For Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin disease which is characterized by the formation of scaly and red skin, especially in the regions of elbows, knees and the scalp. This is a non contagious condition which is caused as a result of rapid build up of skin cells.

Today, there are many treatments which are followed to deal with psoriasis. Even though this condition is not completely curable, the treatments followed will help to decrease the severity of the disease to a large extent and will also help to alleviate the painful and irritating symptoms.

If the condition of psoriasis is mild, then one can make use of topical creams and lotions as a method of treatment. Vitamin D and corticosteroid ointments will help in reducing the inflammation, itching and other uncomfortable symptoms associated with the disease. The effectiveness of corticosteroid creams can be further increased by covering it with a saran wrap after its application. This will facilitate the better absorption of the ointment by the skin.

Ointments containing salicylic acid are also found to be effective in reducing scaling of the skin.

For moderate to severe cases, doctors will suggest the use of oral medications. Immunosuppresive drugs which reduces inflammation of the skin by decreasing the production of skin cells are made use of in the treatment process.

Light therapy, which makes use of ultra violet rays is also used as a method of treatment. Here the sensitivity of the skin to light is increased with the help of a photo sensitizing drug, followed by exposing the skin to UV radiations.

There are also certain natural remedies which will help to combat the disease in its early stages , thus preventing the aggravation of the condition.

You can treat the psoriasis affected areas with a solution of ginger powder dissolved in warm water. Ginger is supposed to have natural healing properties which will help in obtaining relief from the unpleasant symptoms of psoriasis.

You can also have a diet which is rich in essential fatty acids and zinc. The essential fatty acids will help in relieving the skin of its dryness and itching while zinc will help in metabolizing the protein which promotes faster healing of the skin.

In order to prevent the aggravation of psoriasis symptoms, you should always keep your skin moisturized and prevent its unwanted exposure to extreme weather conditions.