Treating Bad Breath The Natural Way

Bad breath or halitosis, can be caused due to multiple reasons. It can be due to something which we ate or drank or it could be due to various digestive, lung or mouth disorders. But this is a problem which is curable and the best way to fight this issue would be to pay excessive attention to oral hygiene. Persistent bad breath is normally caused due to some gum disease, tooth decay or very poor oral hygiene. Eating too much food of animal origin or fasting is also a reason for bad breath. Certain physical conditions such as respiratory disorders, sinusitis, diabetes, a fever or even anaemia can cause bad breath. If our body is such that it produces insufficient stomach acids, then too it causes bad breath. So there are multiple causes for bad breath and identifying it and treating it is what we need to do.

Prevention: The best way to prevent bad breath would be to brush your teeth meticulously twice daily and use dental floss or tape. Bushing ones tongue also helps prevent bad breath. Loads of bacteria strive on our tongue and under our tongue. These bacteria produce certain type of gases which causes bad breath. So it becomes important to take care of these bacteria too and clean our mouth and tongue out of these bacteria by brushing, flossing and cleaning our tongues. Eating green leafy vegetable naturally promotes good breath as these contain the plant pigment chlorophyll, which is a natural mouth freshener.

Indigestion is also a famous cause for bad breath. To improve digestion adding vinegar to meat, eggs or fish helps and adding apple-cider vinegar to food provides acetic acid which promotes digestion. Gargling with a solution of three hundred millilitre of water and two teaspoons of apple-cider vinegar also helps certain people with bad breath. Avoiding coffee, alcohol, refined carbohydrates and dairy products is essential to avoid bad breath as they all promote halitosis.

Treating bad breath: Drinking peppermint or fenugreek tea after a wholesome meal, sweetens breath after meal. A mouthwash made out of echinacea tea treats gum infections. To one cup of water, add 2 teaspoons of echinaces root and simmer for ten minutes and cool before using. Chewing cardamom, dill, fennel or caraway seed, fights bad breath and can be used at anytime of the day. Similarly, chewing parsley leaves takes out the bad breath caused by eating garlic.

Medical attention is required when ones gums bleed or develops a mouth ulcer. When bad breath persists even after trying all home remedies, its advisable to consult a dentist as it might be some internal physical issue. Its also advisable to consult a dentist when bad breath is a new problem and does not disappear within a week.