Top Botox Alternative Treatments

Botox Alternative Treatments Botox is a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. In undue amounts, the toxin causes botulism or food poisoning. Scientists have discovered that dilute amount of this toxin can be injected into specific muscles causing controlled flagging of the muscle.

Botox has been used successfully since many years by the cosmetic physicians to treat wrinkles on the face and facial creases. The product also received FDA approval to be used to treat various moderate to frown lines in between the eyebrows and on other parts of the face, as well.However, in the due course, it was found that the effect of Botox treatmentlasts only for a short while to only a few months.

Need of Botox Alternative Products

When you use Botox treatments or Botox injections, there is a compelling necessity that you repeat the treatment after some regular periods. Continued Botox treatments are going to cost you pricey. The Botox injections also pose a danger of many side effects like headaches, difficulty in swallowing, drooping eyes, double vision, asymmetrical faces etc.

More over the potentially toxic element can cause grave danger if my mistake the toxin amount exceeds the standard amount. However, Botox alternative products can be safely used on the skin without pain to produce lasting results.

Botox alternative came for rescue and swept the country with their revolutionary products. The products are catching up fast in the anti-aging market.

Top Alternative Botox Treatments

Wrinkle Relax Creams

Wrinkle relax creams are trustworthy and endows a wrinkle free skin for a long time. DDF wrinkle relax cream is one such example. The cream if applied twice daily, initially for 60 days and once a daily hence forth, dramatically reduces the magnitude of tiny muscle contractions on the face.

The manufacture assures that visible results can be seen within two weeks of application and the results last longer than Botox injections.

Wrinkle Freezing

Cryoneurodulation is one of the top Botox alternatives. In this procedure, the physicians use a small needle known as cryoprobes that deliver coldness to the nerves running through the fore head.

The cold freezes the nerves which stops the nerve signal and relaxes the facial nerves and face muscles from causing horizontal and vertical facial lines. The procedure takes 15 minutes, and the person is given local anesthesia. However, FDA approval is still pending for cryoneurodulation.

Dermal Fillers

It is also known as wrinkle fillers. They are one of the top alternative Botox treatments. Brands like Restylane, Juvederm, Radiance, and Perlane are some of the popular dermal fillers. Collagen is one of the standard dermal filler that works by raising the level of the tissue near the wrinkles like the natural collagen and reduce wrinkles.

Other products that were mentioned above, works by producing hyaluronic acid in the skin that stimulates the production of natural collagen that helps in reducing  wrinkles. These products are one of the toughest competitors for Botox treatment.

Other Expensive Procedures

Facelift is a permanent procedure for facial rejuvenation. The procedure tightens the facial muscles and tissues and repositions the skin. The procedure reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lifts the sagging skin by recontouring the face from eyes to jaw lines and neck. Brow lift, thermage, laser resurfacing also come under the same category.

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