Tips to Prevent Eczema

Eczema or Dermatitis is such a skin problem, which cannot be cured easily. Once your skin is affected it takes days to even control the condition. Most of the affected persons try one after another ways of treatment, just to get some relief from this. Also, it is very difficult to know forehand, whether your skin is susceptible to this disease or not. So, better is to follow certain general prevention methods, to maintain a healthy and beautiful skin.

It has been seen that people having dry skin, often develop this critical skin problem from simple skin conditions like itchy skin or rashes. So, keeping the skin moisturized is one of the important preventive measures of eczema. To moisturize your skin, you may use any reliable fragrance-free moisturizer available over the counter or you can find out some home-made treatment to moisturize your skin in a regular basis.

But, whenever you apply moisturizer, apply after cleansing the skin with a gentle cleanser. Other than moisturizer, you can also use Vitamin E oil to massage on the skin. In addition to this, remember to drink plenty of water and other form of liquid, so that your skin remains hydrated.

If you find, your skin is quite sensitive to certain materials, then you should better avoid direct skin contact with these items. Sometimes, items like detergents, soaps, fragrances, certain fabrics might trigger the flare ups. In case you have no way out, you should make a habit of wearing rubber gloves while handling them.

Your irritation of skin could be related to certain food items, also. In case you see irritations or rashes on your skin after having some particular food, then you should immediately try to identify the food item to avoid it in future. Initially, the skin rash might look simple and can go away of its own within couple of days; but for continuous consumption of that particular food the irritation can turn towards the wrong direction.

Although, most of us enjoy taking showers in hot water during chilled days, but you should know that hot water has deadly effect on the skin, as it dehydrates the skin. Instead, you may use warm or lukewarm water to take the shower. Also while drying your skin, do not rub dry towels on it as it might damage the sensitive skin.

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