Tips To Make Your Eyes Sparkle With Joy

Many a time, we notice that we take care of our entire body but, conveniently neglect our beautiful set of eyes. It is true that without our eyes we wouldn’t have been able to see the wonderful world that we are living in. So, the first thing that we must do every morning is thank the god almighty for the divine set of eyes that he has blessed us with. And the Second thing we must indulge in is practicing the art of taking care of them. There are some magical ways and means to make your eyes last longer than what you ever thought they would last for.

To start with, when you wake up in the morning, before brushing your teeth you must put your pointer finger in your mouth and apply the traces of your saliva on the insides of your lower lid, just like you apply kohl, etc.

This is magical and you will be shocked to see how it rids you off your tired eye problem apart from the several others within no time at all. People with weak eye sight benefit a great deal with the aforementioned tip. The next thing that you could do to care for your eyes is use honey. It is a fact that honey does wonders to your eyes when applied every day on the inside of the lower lid.

If you could get your hands on the famous saffron honey which is easily available in the Asian countries, there is no way your eyes would ever get tired. Honey is a gift of Mother Nature with the help of which you could treat several ailments successfully and within no span of time at all.

And then you have the onion to deal with your eye related issues. All you need to do is take some juice of the onion and apply it in your eyes just like it has been mentioned above. This might burn a lot but, the results are once again, phenomenal. These tips have been tried and tested by many all over the world, who claim to be miles away from any eye problem. So what are you waiting for?

Aditi Sharma

I am a commerce graduate from the Nagpur university and an MBA in human resourse development from Symbiosis Pune. I started my Career with G E Capital International services Gurgaon where I worked as operations executive after which I worked as the Assist HR Manager for one of the major technical call centers of AIRTEL located in Amritsar, India called “Kochar Infotech.” Hence that, I worked as a primary teacher in the St Francis Convent Amritsar, Punjab. Currently I am working as a, content, academic, web content, blog, synopsis and review writer online. I have also written for Woman’s era and Femina in the past. Apart from that, I also did an article for a Hindustan Times Supplement called, “Doon Plus”, which is circulated only in Dehradun, India. I love adventure sport activities, reading, writing and music. Looking forward to a long term association with you! Thanks