Tips to Eliminate Under Eye Bags

Under eye bags is something that nobody wants to have as it makes you look much older than you exactly are. Besides giving an exhaustive look, these eye bags may be a symptom for an underlying severe health condition.

For a quick solution you may want to undergo surgery but you can avoid this ailment in your skin if you give some attention to your health. Nevertheless, here are a few tips for eliminating under eye bags.

First, you should eat food which will be good for your skin. Make sure to take foods that are rich in vitamin B. Vitamin B Biotin is a very vital ingredient for hair, nails and skin. A regular intake of oatmeal and banana will be good as they are rich sources of biotin. You can even apply creams that contain vitamin B which will make your skin glowing. But you will always get better result by consuming foods that are rich in vitamin B.

If you are the kind of person who consumes alcohol regularly, you better cut it down as alcohol can dry out your skin. As a matter of fact you should drink more water by cutting down alcohol. You should know that your body needs lots of water so that the body can perform at the optimum level. But unfortunately people try to take drinking water for granted. Proper amount of water can help in flushing out the toxic substances by providing you a fresher feeling.

One of the causes for under eye bags may be inadequate sleep. You should at least sleep for eight hours a day so that you can heal yourself from all the stress and pollutants. Symptoms will come up on your face if you have not rested well.

Here is some good news for you for you to get rid of under eye bags quickly. You can do this by applying green tea. You need to keep the green tea bags in the fridge before applying. Then lie down and apply the tea bags as compress to the eye area for ten minutes and you will be surprise in seeing the result.

Fragrances in skin care products have nothing to do with your skin. Some may cause damage to your skin. So it is in your best interest you should avoid fragrances in your cosmetics.