Things to Know about Exfoliating

Exfoliation is the simple process through the dead skin cells can be removed in certain ways. By & large, almost all the skin types benefit from the process of exfoliation.

But, considering the skin types before the exfoliation will allow you to choose the exfoliation products for the particular skin types.

Exfoliation helps the skin to be better cleansed by removing the blackheads, flaky skins and acne.

Here are the points which you should consider while exfoliating according to your skin types.

For Oily Skin: It is basic knowledge that dead skin cells occur in everyone. These skin cells get trapped in the skin pores since they are not being removed from the pores. When you exfoliate, the process of dead skin cells getting trapped inside the pores is being avoided. In the matter of oily skins, the linings which are present ion the oil glands become unbalanced and this prevents the flow of the oil out of the skin pores. Through exfoliation, this clogging of the dead skin cells in the pores can be avoided.

For Dry Skin: Exfoliating the dead skin cells from dry skin gives way for the support of production of moisture nourished skin cells to be replaced on the skin surface. By this action, the moisture level is being balanced by opening the skin pores by removal the dead cells.

Sun-Affected Skin: Due to the exposure to the sun, this could leave your skin to be discolored and thickened. Exfoliation removes the outer layer which will ensure that the pores are opened for the growth of new and nourished skin cells.

How Often Should I Exfoliate?

The tips of how to use it are very important for the best results from it.  It is necessary to make sure that your skin is dried after cleansing your skin with lukewarm water.

Oily skins should be exfoliating at least three or four times in a week and dry or the sensitive skin should limit your exfoliation to one or two times per week. During the summer season, especially when you sweat, the process of exfoliation should be given importance because the sweat tends to glue up the dead skin cells in the pores which may give rise to further skin issues.

It will be very beneficent to use a moisturizer after exfoliating, because this helps to maintain the moisture level in your skin which is vital for a healthy and glowing skin.