The Most Reliable Skin Care Regimen

There are so many reasons why women must do best daily skin care. Skin care provides shield against sun rays, UV rays, dust and pollution. Body care have direct effect on skin care. so for health, if you are concentrating on less oily and spicy food, it indirectly helps to have a younger looking skin.

You may feel that you look good from outside but just hold a magnifying glass and watch your skin and then you would get to know of all the skin problems that you have like blackheads, pimples, etc.

For any skin care treatment, the basic beginning is the check up of skin type. Visit dermatologist and get to know about it. For oily skin, you can know by the tissue test only. If by putting tissue over skin leaves oil in tissue paper, you skin is oily.

What is rare is to have normal skin as such skin type is soft and problem free. Its moisture balance is maintained on its own unlike oily and dry skin type. If you would have dry skin, you would feel rough and patchy skin easily but in oily skin, you would see shine over cheeks and neck. In combination skin, you would see problems in nose, forehead and chin area while rest of the area stays normal.

Devise your skin care regimen accordingly. There are four basic step in daily skin care regimen. Cleansing with cleansing milk, exfoliating with scrub, moisturizing with a moisturizer and finally sun protection for a young skin by the help of SPF30 sun block are the four basic skin care steps which can help you fetch great skin.

However, the products that you use for these four steps are essential. Ask dermatologist to give you products that suit your skin and solve your skin problems. Daily check ups are essential to learn about your skin.

Annual skin exam helps to examine the problems generating in skin, if any like moles, sun damage, wrinkle formation, etc. self check over such problems is essential so every morning see if there is any kind of change in skin.