The Correct Oral Hygiene

Who doesn’t want a Cinderella Smile? We all crave for it but tend to neglect the minutiae which build the basics of oral hygiene. Daily care like brushing and flossing keep a lot of problems away. If you have pain or irritation in teeth, visit a doctor immediately. People have tendency to postpone their dental checkup visit. It is good idea that for an adult to go for a dental checkup at least twice a year.

The common concerns related to oral care are cavities, plaque, tarter, bad breath, gum diseases, canker stones etc. So it is all the way more important to follow a rigid and proper oral care routine. To start with, brush at least twice a day, make sure that you floss daily. It is advisable to use dental products with fluoride in it. Further if you are living in non-fluoridated area, then try to drink fluoridated water at least make it mandatory for the children who are less then 12.

Foods which are high on sugar like ice cream, cakes, chocolates etc. should be avoided. If taken then either immediately brush your teeth or rinse with water. Aerated drinks do lot of harm to outer enamel of the teeth. Prefer foods which are high on nutrition and low on sugar. Believe me, sugar are the enemy of beautiful teeth. If you have a sweet tooth, then have your sweets with your meals this will reduce its side effect. Try to avoid sweets in between the meals.

Right kind of food is very important for healthy teeth and gum. Hard food items like raw fruits and vegetable are good for teeth as these increase saliva production thus helps in self-cleaning of teeth. On the same note, sticky foods are extremely harmful as these might stick between the teeth resulting in plaque and tarter.

Milk, meat, fish, fruits (oranges, apricots, cherries, dates, grapes), nuts, yogurt are enriched source of calcium and vitamin C. Calcium is good for strengthening the teeth and jaws and Vitamin C is very good for healthy gums.

Besides teeth and gum care; tongue cleaning is also is an essential part of oral hygiene. Cleaning the tongue with a tongue cleaner removes the bacteria which might cause bad breath and also prevents tooth decay & gum problems.

By following these simple rules anyone can acquire that perfect smile; so keep smiling after all we only have one life to live for!!