The Best Way To Clear Pores For That Glowing Skin

skin pores Our skin is one of the major organs in our body, which helps in the excretion of harmful chemicals from our body. So, you have to take care of your skin, if you want that glowing and smooth looking skin. Our top layer of skin gets clogged with dirt, oil, make-up, impurities and dead skin. If not treated properly, these may turn to cause acne. The best way to handle these closed pores is, to adopt a routine of cleansing and exfoliating.

But one should be very careful while exfoliating, as too much of that may cause increased production of skin oil, and spread bacteria (which causes acne). Carrying out this routine three to four days a week is enough, and should not be made into an everyday routine. Except this routine, if you want a glowing skin, you should also adopt healthy eating habits and lead a healthy lifestyle. And before adopting any means of cleaning your skin, consult a dermatologist; to know the condition of your skin. It helps in knowing what will suit you and what not.

Firstly let’s see a few ways to keep our skin pores dirt free.

Wash your face everyday, in the morning and in the evening (preferably while brushing your teeth, and after coming back from school/ work, etc).

Avoid using make-up, if there’s no way to avoid it, apply just minimal amount and clean your face afterwards.

Avoid using oil-based cosmetics/ make-ups for your skin.

Try not to touch your face with your hands. Your hands roam everywhere and can transfer bacteria, oil and dirt to your face. Try to keep your hands clean, always.

If possible, change your pillow case at regular intervals. The dirt build-up on these may sometime, or the other, reach your face.

Try not to take the stress, as stress can negate the body’s condition in more ways than one.

To keep a healthy, glowing skin it is recommended to drink plenty water. Water helps in clearing the pores. So be sure to drink at least 6-8 glasses per day.

Now, let’s move on with the ways to clear the pores and get you that glowing skin.


When you’re looking for a cleanser, go for the non alcoholic ones. Apply warm water on your face, which will help unclog the pores and soften the sebum. Then apply a rinse or peel-off face wash, and apply on the skin (concentrating on the most clogged part), in a circular motion. The motion helps in loosening the dirt. And now rinse off. Now splash, on your face, cold water for a few times (which will help the pores to shrink temporarily) And apply a moisturizer.

Moisturizer may be used on all types of skin, to improve the appearance. Cleanse your face twice in a day. Professional help may also be taken, in keeping the skin clear. What they do is use a kind of steaming process to open the pores and get them cleaned. They will prepare a personal routine for you, when you visit their consultation before the cleansing process.


Find exfoliation products, which have hydroxyl acids (alpha and beta). As these, the alpha and beta hydroxyls, are soluble in water and oil both, they can effectively carry out exfoliation of dead skin and oils, present on the skin. If the exfoliating doesn’t suit your skin, you may opt for a peel, containing glycolic acid. This element can act as an exfoliation process too. Apply on dry skin and, let it settle, on your skin, for several minutes before washing it off.

Some Other Ways To Clean Those Pores Out Are As Follows

Herbal Steam

Combine ½ cup of these: dried calendula, rose petals, lavender, and chamomile. Now take out ½ cup of this and mix it with 4 cups of boiling water and steer for 20 minutes. Strain and bring your face near the container barring 12 inches. Now make a tent with your head at the center top and the container directly below. Keep in that position for 3-7 minutes, and then wash your face (if possible with, a scrub or a face wash).

Tomato Facial

Cut a tomato in slices and rub the pieces on your skin. It’s best to rub on areas of frequent blockage. Allow the liquid to stay for 3 minutes, and then wash it off. Tomato opens up the pores, so the cleansing works much better too.

Happy Glowing Skin

Sugar Scrubs

Sugar scrubs (homemade) can help in cleaning out pores too. Generally it helps in removing the bacteria and dead cells by exfoliation. Combine one table spoon of granulated sugar, two table spoons of water and baking soda. Stir the mixture until you see a thick paste. Now wet your skin, and apply on it this paste. Massage gently. Let this mixture to stay on the skin for 2-3 minutes, and then use warm water to wash it off. Dry the skin by patting and not rubbing.

Warm Compress

Soak, in warm water, a towel, and wring out the excess water. Then apply it to the skin directly. Keep in mind that the cloth is clear and clean. Wash the face with an exfoliator, or scrub. Wash off with cold water. Your face should now be clean and clear of the dirt and oil. Now, to get a glowing skin you may try another homemade step.

The lemon method

Buy fresh lemons and cut them in to slices. Wring out the juice from the pieces, into a bowl. Now wash your face, and just pat dry with towels. When your face is just a little wet, apply on your face, the lemon juice. The lemon removes the dirt and bacteria from the skin and also the dead cells. Now after your face is clean and dry, apply moisturizer or some lotion to moisturize your skin.

Taking care of our skin is very important. Our skin is the outer most part of our body and also one key organ for the disposal of wastes from our body. So it should be made sure, that the pores stay clean and clear for the sweat to come out.