Tattoo After Care

Tattoos are a cool style statement these days and surprisingly, women seem to love it. Even though, getting it done is a tough job, the pain does not end here since there is a heck of care that is required after getting a tattoo done.

You would suffer from redness and other skin problems which may seem to get ugly day by day. However the problems get solved in matter of 10 days. If you wish to get quicker results, you must do the after care properly. Here are some suggestions for after care of tattoo.

When you get the tattoo done, bandage the area for about 2 hours to 10 hours so that dust, dirt, etc could not come in contact with skin and cause irritation. Scratching while you feel irritation could cause further problems and the healing process may get difficult.

Remove the bandage after allotted time so that the skin could breathe. In case you are still bleeding after getting tattoo done, dab paper towel over skin so that you do not bleed. Removing the bandage has to be a gentle process so pour cool water over it and them remove it. if the tattoo sticks, be slow while removing it.

The cold water loosens down the skin which makes it easy to remove bandage. Quick removal could also cause the color of tattoo to come out with it.

Wash off the skin gentle with mild antibacterial soap with circular motions. Do not be harsh or scrub the skin with harsh movements. End the process by pouring cold water. This helps the tattoo to heal quickly and in a healthy way.

For better healing, apply A & D ointments but not too much as the skin should breathe also for healthy healing. Depending on the size, apply the ointment and gentle massage with the fingertips.

You could also make use of gentle additive free lotion because it is water based. It is advisable to keep the tattoo away from water and dry wash the skin where the tattoo is made for at least two weeks. So this is all for tattoo aftercare.