Tan Removal – Techniques in the Summers

Spending long time under sun rays will get you a tanned skin, especially in the summer. In this season suntan can be a prime concern for skin care. For a long time, exposure to sunlight can make your skin become dark and look dull.

During the months of summer, you should be concerned to get rid of suntan and sunburn problems. We know our complexion depends on skin melanin. During exposure to ultra violet rays, our skin produces a brownish pigment called melanin and it makes our complexion become darker.

Sunlight will cause damage to your complexion if you do not take proper measures. You should be concerned about skin care that can treat against tanning.

There are some tips on how you can get rid of suntan or sunburn problems. Many people use sunscreen lotions to get protection against UV rays. The SPF protection level present in the sunscreen lotions is necessary for your skin, but it is not the ultimate solution for tanned skin.

Here are some of the most effective remedies to remove off tan from your skin and to make it look glowing during the entire summer period:

Yoghurt is effective for skin tan removal– Mix yoghurt with lemon juice, apply it on your face for a few minutes, and then remove it with cold water to feel refreshed. This is good remedy for suntan and sunburn removal.

Honey includes anti suntan properties– Make a paste of honey and lemon juice with milk and olive oil and apply it on your face and body for 10-15 minutes. After that, remove the paste and you will get a natural glow on your skin. It also helps to get relief from suntan. Use this paste twice a weak.

Turmeric powder– Make a paste of turmeric powder and lemon juice with coconut oil, and apply this paste on your face and the exposed area. Leave on for a few minutes before you remove it with cold water. For better results, apply this paste once in a weak. You can also apply turmeric powder and lemon juice mixture as a natural bleach.

Sunscreen with SPF protection– Regularly use sunscreen lotion with SPF 15 or 30 on your face before going out of the home. Alternatively, you can use a good quality sunscreen lotion with rose water for sun protection. Sunscreen powder also rescues your skin from the harmful effects of the sunlight.

Papaya and Honey mixture– The mixture of papaya with honey is also effective for skin tan removal remedies. If you apply this mixture on your face and neck regularly, you will get a glowing skin and successfully remove suntan.

The other remedy for tanned skin is the usage of curd and rice flower. Make a paste of these ingredients and apply all over the tanned area of your body, leave it to dry for 30 minutes and take a bath. However, if you have oily skin, then avoid this remedy.

If you include some fresh fruits and salads on your food habits, then it will help you to maintain healthy and glowing skin in the summer.