Take Care of Your Skin in Autumn

The hot summer will be over soon and will be soon replaced by a cooler autumn. Surely you need to change your skin care regime with the change of the weather. The maximum damage you get is in summer. So it is necessary to take special care for repairing that damage.

Autumn is the season which is colder, drier and when the sun-rays are not too harsh. Summer has exhausted the skin already. So it is the time to rejuvenate your skin this time. The best way to start the skin care routine at this time is to start with the exfoliation. Two types of products are used in exfoliation or removing dead cells.

One product contains tiny hard particles which when rubbed on the skin remove dead skin from the upper layer. Other products do the peeling process chemically. These products generally contain active agents such as Retinol, Retinoids, Alpha Hydroxy Acids and glucosamine. They remove the upper layer of dead skin gently and younger and radiant skin takes that place. But exfoliating process should not be done more than twice a weak.

Unnecessary exfoliating damages the skin texture and brings the age marks very quickly. Another method is intensive skin treatment which repairs your skin more aggressively and from the depth. Usually these types of cosmetics carry vitamin A, C and E, and Flavonoids. But intensive skin treatment is necessary when the level of damage is greater. If you need it, you may do it once in every two years.

A regular skin treatment is necessary for your skin not only for autumn but for every season. Regular cleaning of skin is necessary. Deep cleansing milk is comparatively mild. So use that to remove the oil and dirt from your skin and clean it from the deep. After that you need to apply moisturizer. Before buying a moisturizer always keep in mind the type of skin you have.

In summer due to excessive heat you skin may secrete oil but in autumn the air becomes dry and for this reason you need to apply moisturizer even on the oily skin. Do not forget to use sun screen though the sun is comparatively less harsh. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables and adequate water to keep your skin hydrated.