Sugar Wax – Preparation Of Wax For Hair Removal

Unwanted hairs are a menace to most of the people and especially for women. There are different types of hair removal techniques and among them waxing is a good method.

Even though hot and cold waxes are readily available in the market, the best wax that is sugar wax can be made easily at home. Sugar waxing won’t produce any side effects and it will provide long lasting effect too. The hairs will reappear only after four to six weeks.

Sugar Wax Recipe

Take two cups of sugar in a sauce pan and mix it with quarter cup of lime juice. Also add quarter cup of water and combine the entire mixture very well. Keep the saucepan on the stove on medium flame and bring it to boil with continuous stirring.

Thereafter reduce the heat and keep it on low flame for 25 minutes or till the mixture turn to an amber color. Then take the pan out of the flame and keep it for cooling for about 15 minutes or till it starts to thicken. Keep the mixture in an air tight container and store it.

Wax  Hair Removal

For removing the hairs this sugar wax has to be warmed till it makes a thick solution. Make sure that the sugar wax is not hot enough to burn the skin. Then take a little wax and apply this solution first in the direction opposite to the hair growth and then along the direction of hair growth.

There after place a strong muslin or cotton cloth piece on the wax and rub it in the direction of hair growth. Make sure the cloth can be pulled easily in the direction opposite to the hair growth. This helps to remove the hairs from their root and to remove large number of hairs at a time. If hairs are left out then apply a little wax again on that portion and thenceforth remove the hairs with the help of a cloth.

While applying sugar wax it will be more convenient if the sugar wax is applied on strips of three inches width and a foot of length. This works better than covering a large area at a time as it reduces the skin irritations. This wax can be then easily washed off with the help of some water. Continuous waxing destroys the hair follicle and prevents the re-growth of the hairs.