Steaming : The Ideal Process To Make Your Skin Clog Free

If you have oil and blemished skin then you need to steam your face at least once a week to make it blemish free. Steaming process helps to make your skin soft and supple, helps in proper blood circulation and of course cleans the pores from the deep. So regular steaming of your skin can make your skin young and radiant.

Make a habit of steaming on weekly basis. Take a bowl of water and boil it in a clean pan. When the water is boiling squeeze two lemons and mix the juice in the boiling water. Remove it and take it in a clean bowl. Put on a lid on the bowl.

Take a heavy Turkish towel, cover yourself, remove the lid of the container and place your face over it. The steam will clean your skin from the inside out by forcing out any impurities that remain in the deep of your skin. If you have a very oily skin the problem of pimples and acne may enhance the first few times you steam your face. Gradually the problem will fade away and within few weeks your skin will look gorgeous.

But after steaming your face every time wash your face with chilled water or rub ice cube to cool it down and close the enlarged pores. Citrus fruits have antiseptic and astringent properties that work wonders on your skin. So this lemon juice steaming is ideal for oily and acne prone skin. Instead of lemon you can also use orange if you like the flavor.

But while taking the steaming you should take some precautions. Allow steaming for not more than 10 -15 minutes. While steaming keep your face at least 10 inches from the boiling water.

Always take steaming on a clean skin because if there is dirt or oil in the skin it will get inside at the time of steaming and will bring the opposite result. If you have extremely dry skin, take steaming every fortnight and do not use lemon juice.

After the process is over massage a light moisturizer over it. Sometimes steaming may make our skin black. To get rid of it, massage few drops of olive oil on your skin before steaming.