Sparkling Eyes,Without Makeup

Dull eyes and puffy bags disclose much more than any makeup can cover up. Here are some tips to keep the natural spark in the eyes without applying makeup.

Give up smoking and grasp some greens

If you smoke regularly the white part of the eyes gets a yellowish touch and takes away their natural glow. Trash the tobacco and care for your eyes by consuming fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals. Greens are the best to spree on. Keep away from alcohol to avoid ‘hangover eyes’ the other day.

Keep yourself hydrated

Depressed or sunken eyes are frequently an indication of dehydration or fatigue. Taking a sufficient amount of fluids drive out surplus salt from the body and reduces the swelling and puffiness in the region of the eyes. Moreover, it makes your eyes appear glistening and beautiful.

Quick-fixes for frequent eye sores

Tea bags are the best way to fix puffy eyes in a second. Drench a pair of them in ice-cold water, squeeze them and place over the eyes for 10 minutes.

Cool down dull and tired looking eyes with some ice-cold non-medicated eye drops.

Cucumber and potato juice is suggested for lightening dark circles; however nothing can substitute a good night’s sleep.

Apply a good-quality moisturizer or an under-eye cream containing Vitamins C and E to nurture the skin around the eyes. Pure almond oil may as well be applied.

For long-lasting pretty eyes

Take at least 8 hours of sleep to prevent under-eye bags and dark circles.

Put on a pair of trendy glares to avoid harmful UV rays that cause the skin around the eyes to age earlier. In addition, fewer squinting in the ruthless sun means fewer crow’s feet and worry-lines.

Never sleep with makeup on and apply a sunscreen prepared for sensitive skin around the eyes. Use baby oil or a mild cleansing lotion to moisturize the lid area to avoid patchy skin and pigmentation.

Calm down! Shut your eyes and treat yourself to a 5 minute massage focusing on the temple, the brows, the eyeballs and, the under-eye area. This relaxes the tensed muscles and increases the blood circulation.