Smoothing Wrinkles with White Tea

Do you know you can ease away wrinkles with the help of white tea? It is indeed a very difficult thing to get rid of wrinkles but there are a few options can keep coming up and those which can be tried.

The white tea has an effect that is anti-inflammatory and it delays the breakdown of the elastin fibers and the collagen. These are intra-cellular structures that make the skin stay wrinkle free and firm.

So how can you be drinking tea only to fight the wrinkles. Well, that’s because drinking tea is the easiest way you can get rid of unwanted wrinkles when you are aging. The white tea also brings in a lot of promises. It gives out more than ninety per cent of the collagen and also the activity of the elastin which has powers to stop the fat too.

The research is still on as to how the tea should be taken, slathered or sipped or made into lotions.  You might want to get on with the basics like avoiding the sun when it is too high up on the head, using the sunscreen cream or by covering up even when it is cloudy and the sun is not out. But here are some of the things you should  follow verbatim to delay the wrinkles.

You can start with taking lots of fluids and also by taking edibles that stop the wrinkles. Those help to keep the complexion fresh and dewy. You should feel relaxed and take off the rumples from the face. You should also get enough sleep to ward off the wrinkles and the aging skin.

Thus it is not only white tea but several other factors that help in warding off wrinkles from the skin. The sun is a great enemy of the skin and the sun rays are definitely harmful for the skin.

Sunscreen creams do keep the wrinkles away but washing the skin with a lot of fresh water after getting back home from the sun helps a lot. Tea bags that are cooled can help to prevent the under eye wrinkles and creases and the dark eye circles.

Aparna Ganguli