Skincare Tips for Teenagers

Teenage is the perfect time for beginning a skincare routine. If you start caring for your face during your adolescent years, you can actually enjoy great skin for years to come. Moreover, teen skin care also helps avoid many common problems like acne, blackheads and oily skin.

However, if you are a teenager and wish to care for your skin, it is mandatory for you to understand that teen skin care is from adult skin care. So it is not at all appropriate for you to use the adult cosmetic products as they are not meant for your tender skin.

Skincare Routine for Teenagers

Ensure Regular Cleansing

Since your skin’s oil glands are more active at this age, you need take extra care about cleansing your face. Get a suitable cleanser and use it at least twice a day. If you are facing acne and oily skin, you must get a gel cleanser that contains some acne-clearing agents like Salicylic Acid.

Moisturizing is Important

Use your cleanser moderately and avoid over-drying of skin with adequate moisturizing. Yeah! A moisturizer is must for all types of skin, even for the oily one. Daily moisturizing helps maintain your skin’s glow while delaying the appearance of wrinkles for a longer period of time.

Be Sun-safe

    Using a sunscreen regularly is very important at every age. So it would be great to buy a moisturizer that also contains sunscreen. Remember that the SPF value of your sunscreen should be not less than 15 and you must reapply it whenever you are out in the sun.

    Extra Care at Weekends

      Spare some time at weekends for pampering your facial skin with a nice deep cleansing face mask, followed by an exfoliating scrub. This weekly routine will help keep your skin healthy and flawless by removing the dead skin cells and cleaning the pores from within. You can also use a hair mask if your scalp is getting flaky and oily.

      An early investment in skin will lay down a strong foundation for future. So follow a healthy diet, exercise regularly, sleep well and enjoy your teens to the fullest!