Skincare Tips for Hands

We all put in a lot of effort in maintain the beauty of our facial skin while we generally ignore our hands. While our face is the most noticeable part of our body, our hands are also apparent all the time. As such, it is very important to take care of the skin on our hands to avoid sagging and age spots.

Remember that the skin on back side of hands is quite thin and tender. So it requires special attention in order to look as young and beautiful as your face.

Moisturizing and Sun Protection

Your hands need more moisturizing than your face and other parts of the body for the simple reason that they are washed more often than rest of the body. So you must moisturize the skin of your hands with a nourishing lotion or cream at least three to four times in a day. Sunscreen is another essential product that must be regularly and liberally used on the hands. You must regularly apply a sun-block product on your hands to save them from the bad effects of UV rays. Remember to reapply the sunscreen on the hands every time you apply it on the face and neck.

Shielding and Exfoliating

If you are actually concerned about the skin of your hands and want them to look young and beautiful for years, you must cover them with gloves while washing and cleaning. Wearing gloves while performing household chores that expose your hands to harsh chemicals will save your skin from the negative effects. Look for a pair of cotton-lined gloves to ensure maximum comfort.

It is also essential to exfoliate your hands two to three times in a week to remove the dead skin cells. However, if you don’t want to use a chemical-based scrub, you can exfoliate your hands with a mixture of sugar and lemon juice. You can also use a soft brush for gently massaging the skin.

So never ignore your hands and get a nice spa manicure done at least once in a month to maintain their beauty and charm. Take care of your hands to make them an attractive part of your personality.