Skin Yeast Infections – An Overview

Skin yeast infections which troubles a fair amount of people around the world, is caused by action of certain fungi. The most common type of yeast infection in humans is Candidiasis which is brought about by the action of fungi belonging to the species Candida.

The yeast growth will usually occur in places like linings of the mouth, arm pits and genitalia. Hot weather conditions, lack of hygiene and certain medical conditions like psoriasis and diabetes can lead to this condition. Painful, swollen and discolored skin areas are the most evident symptoms of skin yeast infections.

There are many steps you can follow so as to prevent the outbreak of skin yeast infections.

Do shower daily and cleanse your body properly using a medicated soap. After your bath, make sure that you dry your skin properly with a clean towel.Do not use same towel repeatedly for several days and, change it every 2 weeks.

You can apply corn starch on your skin to keep it dry and to prevent the spread of infections to other parts of the body. Do wear comfortable cotton clothing, as air circulation on your skin will help the rash to heal better and faster.Tight and synthetic clothing can trap moisture on the skin surface creating a favorable environment for the yeast to grow on.

Having garlic extracts also helps in treating skin yeast infections as the allyl alcohol present in garlic helps in suppressing yeast growth. Do stay away from anything that is sweet, as it will enhance the growth of yeast.

You can have sugar free yogurt in order to clear up the yeast infection. Yogurt contains the bacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus which helps to prevent yeast infections and keep the body healthy. You can also apply yogurt to the affected areas and wash it off after half an hour.

Do not scratch your rashes as it will cause the skin condition to aggravate. You can also follow a natural remedy of mixing a few drops of tea tree oil with Aloe vera gel and applying it to the affected areas.

Finally make it a point to exercise daily. People who are overweight tend to have more skin folds in their body which provides a suitable environment for the growth of fungus. Also do change your clothes immediately after working out so as to protect your skin against fungal attacks.