Skin Rashes That Need To Be Taken Seriously

Skin rashes may appear as red patches or scaly patches. It may or may not itch, depending upon the cause of their occurrence. They may remain localized in one area or may spread on the whole body.

Most of the time rashes are not serious but rarely certain rashes suggest development of dangerous health disorders. These life threatening diseases include toxic shock syndrome, staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome, toxic epidermal necrolysis and Stevens-Johnson syndrome.

Skin Rashes That Need To Be Taken Seriously

Self diagnosis is not appropriate. The dermatologist must be visited as soon as you discover that the rash is taking more than a week to heal. There are certain characteristics which will help in making out the difference between a normal rash and a dangerous one. The abnormal rashes will be affecting both the skin and the nearby mucous membranes.

Example, in women the rashes may appear both near the vagina and on the mucous membrane of the urethra. Likewise, they may appear on mouth and inside the lining of the lips and nostrils. Rashes with blisters extend on scratching. Serious rashes appear painful when they burst open. They will be carrying some moist substance suggesting some type of infection. Normal rashes may itch but they do not have blisters on top of them.

Skin Rashes That Need To Be Taken Seriously

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Dangerous rashes are accompanied with fever, chills, diarrhea and pain in muscles. Purple marks on the rashes suggest that the condition is blocking circulation of blood in that region.  Inflammation of the blood vessels is yet another cause the shade. Rashes are abnormal during pregnancy. Those rashes which are non-specific and can affect any part of the body during pregnancy are said to be associated with abnormalities of the connective tissue.

Pregnant women may develop excessive itching during sixth month of gestation period. If the itching is accompanied with yellowish skin color then it suggests development of jaundice, partially because liver becomes less efficient during pregnancy.

Treatment Options

If diagnosed is done on time then as per the condition there are many treatment options available. Usually the treatment includes admission to the ICU and immediate analysis of the blood samples for infection. IV fluids may be supplied to the body to adjust electrolyte imbalance. IV antibiotics may be administered to deal with blistered rashes, as in Stevens-Johnson syndrome.


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