Skin Discoloration

Soft, supple skin is a sure shot sign of healthy and sound beauty. However, unfortunately today number of people suffers from the ailment of skin discoloration having mild to severe symptoms.

Do you think why you often suffer from ailments like freckles, brown stains, age spots, and moles? Well they all cause due to overexposure to sun’s harmful ultra violet rays. Melanocytes present in skin produces melanin pigment that protects your skin from UV rays of sun.

However, when melanin is formed in excess quantity, it gave rise to age spots, skin discoloration, and freckles. Skin discoloration can occur on any part of the body. Fret not!

Read the tips to get rid of skin discoloration as written below!

As you know that skin discoloration occurs due to overproduction of melanin pigment, avoid spending too much time under direct sunrays. Do wear sunscreen lotions before stepping out in the hot weather.

Flat or raised moles also depict skin discoloration. Moles can appear in black or brown color and grows big in size with age, so to get completely rid of them, try out laser treatments.

Age spots also starts appearing on skin with growing age. Age spots are much large in irregular shape and big in size in comparison to freckles. To get rid of them, you can make use of lightening creams and chemical peels. Laser treatments can be a valuable tool to get rid of age spots.

Pregnant women may suffer from the problem of brown strains known as melasma on face and chest. To treat them, make use of topical creams on regular basis. In addition, you can go for glycolic acid peels and sunscreen lotions to get them treated. Avoid too much exposure otherwise; the strains can become more visible in nature.

Vitamin E is a greatly rich in antioxidant properties, so make use of this wonder oil to treat skin discoloration.

To lighten the problem of skin discoloration, you can go for skin whitening creams that are easily available in markets these days.

Keep in mind that smoking enhances the chances of skin discoloration or dark spots on skin. So minimize this awful habit to enjoy healthy and glowing skin.