Skin Care for Various Skin Types

Skin is the only sense organ which is found in different forms in a lifetime of a person. Well it doesn’t makes any difference to it as a sensing and reacting device but necessarily counts in the processĀ  of protecting and caring in order to keep it healthy.

The outer covering of our body is always into a situation in which it faces threats in form of pollution, UV rays, dirt, smoking, bad eating habits, internal problems, stress to name a few.

To deal with the adversities against skin proper care is necessary. This could be only done with appropriate knowledge of the skincare techniques to be enacted for different skin types.

Normal skin display a smooth texture, fine pores and clear surface.
Even tone displayed by normal skin is sign of good blood circulation and healthy eating habits but still the negligence and improper care can lead to pre-aging, flakiness and wrinkling.

Cleaning at-least twice a day with mild soap and rosewater sooths it. Applying moisturizers and stimulating using non drying mask is always recommended.

Dry skin is characterized by lack of moisture, has a low level of sebum, appears dull and lacks elasticity resulting in accentuated fine lines and wrinkles.

It requires an extra care with mineral water sprayed over for moistening, applying a thin film of air-excluding moisturizer and mild baby oil on highly affected areas which helps restore the suppleness.

Oily skin is characterized by an increased amount of lipids over the skin surface. Bathing with tepid water and cleansing face two three times a day with soap in necessary.

Apply mixture of tomato and grapes which has cooling and astringent quality for soothing anti-oxidising effect. Retinoids are also helpful in prescribed dosage.

For mature skintypes in which sebum production slows down and which displays wrinkles, irregular pigmentation and flakiness which is because of hormonal dis balances in women particularly a balanced diet is much recommended. Applying creams with ingredients of vitamin A and C are helpful.

Sensitive skin is caused by irregularities and stressed lifestyle which leads to low tolerance level to certain products or environmental conditions causing redness, itching, burning or dryness.

Drinking lots of water and taking skin vitamins are prolific, applying fruit’s face mask and cleansing with almond and jojoba oil are also very helpful.

Last but not the least its healthy and glowing skin type which you can get if you follow the skin health guide sincerely.


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