Skin Care for Dry Skin Throughout the Year

If dry itchy skin is what you are troubled about, here is help. Dry skin can happen always but it is during the winter that it is prevalent. You can solve dry skin problems like problem about the lips,face, body, feet and hands.In winter the temperature is low and the humidity is strong.

There are harsh winds that cause the skin to dry out. Air from furnaces or other sources of heating also dry out the skin. So if you like your skin to feel moist and dewy all throughout the year, these skin fixing tips can be followed to treat dry skin.

The hot water takes away all the moisture from the skin so that you can best shower the skin with water that is lukewarm. Try showering at least once in a day. The hot air along with the chemicals is bad for the dry skin. It’s the same for you that applies to hand washing. You can wash hands in water that is lukewarm and never hot.

See that the warm water is not too hot to scald your fingers.Moisturizer is good for the supple and soft skin. You can apply the product when it is a little amp. You can pat the skin dry instead of rubbing the skin roughly. You can feel itchiness on your legs and apply some oil lotions to it with coconut oil or by simply massaging the oilall over the body. It will help the itchy and dry skin in every way.

You can use antibacterial soap on the hands and also a massage with olive oil helps keep your cuticles soft. You could keep the facial water and the oisturizer on your work desk so that it can be used when required.Dry skin also needs exfoliation when it gets drier and moisturizer should be used on exfoliated skin.

You can use a scrub and also exfoliate the face with a mild facial scrub. You can apply the scrub to the skin that is dry and massage the scrub for some more time.You can dry brush with a body brush and remove the skin that turns flaky, before a shower. That’s all the more effective than brushing the wet skin.

Aparna Ganguli