Skin Care for Brides To Be

Wedding day is the happiest and blessed day for any women and for such a special event; she would definitely want to glow from her head to the toe.

It is said that beauty comes from within but it only comes when you work hard on it. It may be that you take care of your skin on regular basis but when it comes to wedding, a little extra of everything is required to look extra beautiful.

So for a flawless skin, here are some tips for brides to be this season,
Daily skin care regimen that includes the cleansing, toning and moisturizer of face is essential. You may take home made products or artificial but stick to quality.

Take cotton ball and clean your face with rose water in every 2 hours to get rid of any kind of dust particle or layer of pollution over face.

Since make up is a part of women’s life, it cannot be neglected. But to take care of skin accordingly becomes vital. Before your retire to sleep, with the help of makeup cleanser, clean the face.

Take ample amount of scrub and massage it over face and neck so that the layer of dead skin gets eliminated daily. After that, apply a natural face pack so as to close the open pores. Finally, for the moisturization, massage with face cream for about 3 minutes.

All this if done daily, takes care of exfoliation, nourishment and proper care of skin. For the whole body care, get body bleached in every 15 days. 2 months prior to the wedding. Full body scrubbing, waxing, massaging, etc are essential as well so be regular with them.

A good diet needs to be maintained. Go for liquid diet one day in a week to flush off all the toxins. Stay away from cheap quality products as they can ruin you whole skin care regimen. In summer time, apply sun block of SPF 30 minimum so as to avoid sun tan. Drink at least 12 glasses of water daily so as to have clear skin. So try it.