Skin Care After 35

35 is a phase of life where you have to be conscious about what you eat, what you e\wear and what you use for body care. Increasing age has effects not only health but over skin as well.

Your skin tends to get loose, dull and is even prone to discoloration. Not to forget the affect of age spots like wrinkles, scars, dark spots, excessive pimples, etc. so at such a crucial age, one must take intelligent suggestions for skin.

The first step of getting younger looking skin is to eat right. The fat percentage that you take everyday must be less that 30%. So look for food with fat level less than this.

Diabetes patients must take sugar free products and also oil must be avoided. Cholesterol must be taken in negligible amount almost as it is harmful for health.

The things that you must ban from your life are chips, pasta, cola drinks, red meat, etc. stick to more of healthy food like salad, food made in olive oil, fresh fruits, raw vegetables, etc.

Having control over sugar and salt is essential as well. Salt increase blood pressure which is not good for skin also, so avoid it to a good extent. Before buying any food item, check the quantity of salt and sugar in it and then choose. Avoid taking soups, cheese, bread and sandwich.

Vitamin and mineral are very essential for health skin so take them in natural form. Green vegetables, milk, lemon, amla, citrus fruits, cereals, fish, etc are all good source of them.

Fiber must not be neglected as well as it helps to flush off toxins from the body which is very essential for skin care. Take more of oranges, pineapples and also apples as they have high content of fiber in them.

Anti-oxidants are necessary as they help to fight against disease causing agents. Turmeric, cherry, etc are good for health. Besides food, go to salons frequently for facials and body massages.

Regular massages would not harm a little so do them. Drink fluids in form of water, juices, coconut water, etc to keep skin fresh.