Signs Of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a common and serious disease that affects people having any skin tone. It appears mainly on the skin areas that witness prolonged exposure to the sun.

But if skin cancer affects an individual having dark complexion, it can appear on any part of the skin whether it is exposed to the sun or not. The most common parts of the skin that get affected by skin cancer include the face, scalp, lips, chest, neck, hands, arms and legs in case of a woman.

Therefore, most people are often confident that skin cancer cannot affect the body parts that are rarely exposed to the sun and hence do not notice the signs of skin cancer and become its victims.

Thus people should not overlook the symptoms that appear on the areas including palms, spaces under the toenails or fingernails or the genital area.

You need to be cautious and look for the signs of skin cancer because if it is detected and diagnosed in its early stage, it can be treated with ease. So let us know about the signs of skin cancer so that you take immediate step, in case you find these signs on your body parts.

The most common sign of skin cancer is a new growth on the skin that is formed due to buildup of cells. This growth may turn into a pimple or a sore that may bleed or leak fluid. This sore may not heal and form a scab or a coating, which may again bleed or ooze out fluid.

Another common sign of skin cancer is a change in the skin growth that already exists. If you have any mole, lesion or freckle that appears poles apart from the rest of the skin growth or if they start changing in shape or size or begin elevating or itching then you must be alert because they could indicate that you have been affected by skin cancer. In such situation, you must consult an experienced dermatologist for advice and help.

Change in color of the normal skin growth is also an important sign of skin cancer. Hence, if you observe that the color is getting darker or lighter, then you must consult your doctor.

All skin changes are not caused by skin cancer. So don’t get worried and see your doctor if you notice the above-mentioned signs of skin cancer.

Geeta Kumari