Sheep Skins To Prevent Bed Sores

Prevent Bed Sores Bed sores, also known as pressure ulcers, are an extremely painful condition for the elderly people. These superficial skin sores are caused due to various factors, such as, friction, moisture, temperature, etc.

Since, the elderly people and ill patients cannot protect themselves and have lower immune level their exposed areas should be protected from getting torn. Sheep skins are extensively used in the hospitals as well as at home for preventing bed sores.

What Is A Sheepskin?

Sheepskin products are very effective for reducing pressure and are therefore, widely used for preventing bed sores. These are light, soft and average sized mattresses, which are made of natural lamb or sheep skin.

You can spread this mattress on the bed, car seat, wheelchair, etc. before laying the patient.They may be a bit costly but are extremely comfortable for the sick people.

These products should be manufactured very carefully as they are used for medical purpose. A good quality sheepskin depends on certain factors like fiber length, type of wool and the post-process finishes given on the fabric.

Benefits Of Using A Sheep Skin

Sheepskin products are generally preferred over the other mattresses which are made of inferior wool and artificial fibers. There are several benefits of using a sheepskin.

Prevent Friction

The most important benefit of using sheepskin is that it provides excellent resistance against friction and tearing pressure. They also disperse the pressure proportionately to all parts of the body. Certain areas such as, elbows, heels, neck, hips, calves are prone to get damaged and thus, should be wrapped with small sheepskin bandages.

Provides Warmth

Woolen fibers are best known for its ability to provide sufficient warmth to the body. You can protect the skin of the patients by wrapping the sheepskin, especially during winter. Some people may suffer from cold feet due to improper blood circulation. They can also get relief from bed sores by using this product.

Suitable Air Passage

Wool fibers are crinkled fibers and therefore, allow large gaps in their meshwork. This is a favorable factor in preparing a sheepskin. Air can pass through the layers on the fabric and thus, provides greater comfort. This helps in preventing moisture formation and thus, protects the skin from getting ruptured.

Firm Grip

As we all know, the old and bed-ridden patients cannot move on their own. Thus, their bed should be aligned perfectly for full comfort.Any kind of crease or fold on the bed sheet or mattress can lead to painful bed sores.

That is why, sheepskins are laid on the places where the patients sit or sleep. These mattresses do not move from their respective position due to the presence of suede or leather lining at their backside.

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Simple Laundering And High Durability

Most of the sheepskin products require simple laundering. They can be easily washed and dried at home without using expensive machines or washing powders.

Sheepskin products usually have high durability. High quality materials and finishes should be used in order to retain their quality after subsequent washes. This is important as damaged fibers and germs can lead to sever infection.