Sensitive Skin Makeup – How To Choose The Right Products

Women like to remain attractive and hence they do regular makeups that help them to look prettier. But those who have sensitive skin must be very careful as their skin gets irritated easily. This is because most of the cosmetics contain preservatives, fragrance, dyes and many other chemicals that may irritate the skin. Not all the products are harmful and there are many makeup products that do not irritate the skin. The following points are useful while selecting the right makeup products for sensitive skin.

Powder Makeup:

Choose cosmetics which are in powder form. This is because powder cosmetics contain less preservative as compared to liquid cosmetics. It also contains lesser ingredients and hence the chances for irritations are less. If someone needs liquid foundation itself then prefer the silicon based ones as silicon is found to cause very less skin irritations.

Eye Products:

Use black colored mascara or eyeliner for the sensitive skin. Reason black colored eye products contain lowest degree allergenic dyes as compared to colored products. For eye shadows choose the one that has earth tones like beige, tan, white, cream as it cause less irritations.

Higher pigment concentration in darker colors cause more irritations. Eyebrow pencil, pencil eyeliners etc are found to be good for sensitive skin as it contains fewer preservatives while liquid formulations may contain latex which may cause irritations in certain people. More over the pencil types are wax based and can easily be removed with water.


While using blusher apply it to a minimal level as most of the sensitive skins have a natural redness. Extra blusher will create a dramatic look.


Choose the sunscreen that has only physical sunscreen components like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which deflects the sunlight rather than absorbing it. Sunscreens with SPF factor more than 15 are ideal for use.

Avoid Old Cosmetics:

Avoid all those old cosmetics that have crossed their expiry date as the chances of contamination are more and may cause irritations on sensitive skin. Average lifespan of a lipstick or foundation is one year, while that of mascara is 3 to 4 months and for powders it is around 2 years.

It is ideal to avoid waterproof cosmetics as it requires a solvent to ward it off from the skin. This may remove the natural oil from the skin and end up with skin irritations. Always remember to do patch test before applying the cosmetics and wash the tools used for applying cosmetics every time before and after use. This helps to minimize skin irritations to a great extend.