Secrets for Shedding Pimples

The most arched  secrets lies in most basic things in life and most of us are happen to be unaware or ignorant towards same. Simple practices, eating habits, are the basic secret to healthy skin and healthy life style.

Needless to mention all our mother have frequently asked us to follow below advices to naturally cure our skin, from worse nightmares pimples at adolescent age, but did we noticed them? If we followed, then no laser treatment, no expensive anti pimple ointments, antibiotics were needed.

Well it’s never too late, we can follow them from today or at least keep in our books to advice our next generation.

Regularly wash your hair best hygiene regime: Once I had been to skin care institute and expert told me that I have too much of dandruff, which is the main reason of having poxes on my back and gradually they will spread on my face even. Hence the skin care treatment should start with proper hair care, maintaining the clean and healthy scalp and nourish the roots of hair to keep dandruff free.

Never unnecessarily touch your affected areas: We feel that if we press or squeeze our pimples we will diminish them in a day. But this practice is birth of another pimple. They are contagious in nature the more we touch them the more they will spread.

Follow clean habits: The more cleanness we maintain more we abstain the skin diseases. Bring to regular habits, washed handkerchief or disposable wet tissues should be used in order to wipe the sweat or clean the face.

Give mini cleansing to face twice a day: Best cleaning tactics are sprinkle water whenever you get time. Use home made scrubs like, semolina, ground rice flour or apricot scrub to clean the skin layer. Use the face wash matching your skin types and wash your face at least twice a day.

Follow proper diet clubbed with yoga and brisk walking. Exercise is always beneficial for health and skin. Just adopt appropriate yoga posters to perform daily and you can notice the difference. Brisk walking for about 30 min smoothen the blood circulation and result in glowing and shinning skin.

Apart from above practice use as minimum make up as possible, this helps breath your pores, try to carry the natural looks and avoid using make up frequently. Healthy diet, proper sleep and stress free life.