Scalp Eczema

Scalp eczema which is also known as seborrheic eczema is a skin condition that causes yellow colored scales and patches on the scalp. Though scalp eczema can be treated using over-the-counter remedies, prescription medicines should be taken in severe cases.

Scalp eczema is quite common and it is generally present as itchy, red scalp along with flaking and peeling. Eczema generally affects oily areas that are present on the scalp and may cause skin to appear yellow, white or pink, depending on the severity.

Medicated Shampoo:

It is easy to treat scalp eczema using over-the-counter medicated shampoos. The shampoos that you buy must contain one of these substances: salicylic acid, coal tar, selenium sulfide and zinc pyrithione.

Make sure that at least one of these compounds is present in the shampoo that you’re buying for treatment of scalp eczema.

It is recommended to use the medicated shampoos daily until the severity subsides and the symptoms are under control. If you want, you can consult a dermatologist and ask for his recommendation of a medicated shampoo.

Medicated Creams:

Over-the-counter antifungal and cortisone creams can help you to improve the prevailing sypmtoms. You can also ask doctor to prescribe you a steroid cream.

Steroid cream can be applied daily on scalp control inflammation and itching. You have to apply a steroid cream on the scalp or at least once in a day.

If severe scaling is present on the scalp, ointment that contains coconut oil and salicylic acid can be used. Such creams on immense have best results when you leave it on the scalp for overnight.

Other Medications:

A dermatologist may ask you to take oral medications like Lamisil, Elidel and Protopic in order to treat Eczema. These medications relieve inflammation that is present and also treat fungal infections.

Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil has amazing benefits on scalp eczema. Application of tea tree oil will improve scalp eczema symptoms and most likely symptoms will completely disappear.

Important Information:

Medicated shampoos should not be used on babies’ scalp that has eczema. In case of adults, only consistent treatments can give promising results.

Whenever adult users a medicated shampoo, it should be left on the scalp for a minimum of five minutes so that it can produce the best of results. One should always refrain scratching scalp otherwise the condition will only deteriorate.

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