Rosacea: Risks And Natural Cures

Rosacea is most common in people who have a fair complexion and are between the age group of 30 and 60 years. It is common in both and men and women. The disease affects skin as well as vision.


Rosacea is accompanied by several complications. These include sudden reddening of the face or peripheral vasodilatation, conjunctivitis and appearance of spider veins (Telangiectasia). Another complication is inflammation of the sebaceous glands on the nose and the face.

Skin shows symptoms of red lines beneath it, pimples and redness on the face. The skin is visibly thinner on chin and forehead.

The disease cannot be prevented. Regular detoxification of body may be helpful in some ways.

Natural Cures

Improve blood circulation of body. Exercise or drink herbal teas so that you are able to sweat as much as you can. Sweating helps in elimination of the toxins from the body and cleans the bacterial deposits beneath the skin.

Physical activities like Tai Chi, Kung Fu and swimming in natural water bodies are great options too.

Herbs that are found to be effective against rosacea are borage oil, flax seed oil, evening primrose oil, tea tree oil and aloe vera. Aloe vera pulp can be scrapped from the leaves and applied directly on the face. It helps in reducing pain. Borage is useful in reducing peripheral vasodilatation.

Since hormonal imbalance is a major cause of rosacea, flaxseed and evening primrose are used to stabilize the imbalance.

Foods that trigger the symptoms must be avoided. Hot spices like peppers, fruits like red plums, bananas, avocados, oranges and figs make symptoms worse. Stay away from caffeine, chocolate, sweet items and tobacco if you want the rosacea to heal.

Avoid stenous exercises and hot baths. Those suffering from rosacea must consume foods that are vasoconstrictors. These include blueberries, blackberries and cold water fishes like sardines.

For many rosacea suffers, diet alone is able to control the condition. Drink 10 to 12 glasses of cool water every day. Drink buttermilk or coconut water 2 to 3 times in a day.

These substances neutralize the toxins inside the body and help reduce inflammation. Include more proteins in diet through tofu, chicken and fish. Avoid heavy meats.


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