Removing Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks are in no way a skin disease but these are just a natural skin condition which occurs due to several reasons. They are profound marks that become visible on the skin in the form of lines. The most common areas of skin where stretch marks are most likely to develop are legs, tummy, breasts as well as buttocks. There is also a strong possibility that stretch marks can develop anywhere on the body.

A question arises that what are the causes of occurrence of stretch marks. When skin is stretched intensely then the petite fibres of the skin tend to shred. Hormonal imbalance can also cause these marks.

Stretch marks are easily treated due to the easy availability of various skin treatments that will certainly alleviate this problem, thereby improving the appearance of the skin.

People who have sudden or gradual increase in weight suffer from this problem. Pregnant ladies often develop stretch marks on their abdomen. Sometimes these marks develops because of hormonal changes.

Scrubbing can also be one of the methods to treat stretch marks but all these methods rely on the area of stretch marks. Stretch marks which are extreme in nature must be cured with laser treatment or cosmetic surgery.

Stretch Marks must be identified very early otherwise with each passing stage; it would be difficult to clear them from the skin. Once you notice the symptoms of these marks, make a full effort to reduce the impact.

These marks can appear in different colours on the body. Regular massaging of the area where stretch marks have appeared with herbal oils such as olive, wheat germ or tea tree oil lightens the marks.

The technique of microdermabrasion is also helpful in removing or lightening stretch marks. In this, a stream of crystals is propelled onto the surface of the skin.

The crystals will buff up the outermost layer of the skin. This stage is followed up by the application of a vacuum tube which eradicates residuals of the crystals as well as worn out cells of the skin promoting development of new layer of skin.

Several home remedies can be adopted to remove or avoid stretch marks. Take a tablet of vitamin E and make a little hole in it. Take the liquid and massage with it where the stretch marks are present.

Apply this remedy regularly and you will see the difference. Natural gel of Aloe Vera plant is also effective in this case.