Remedy From Aquagenic Pruritus(Water Allergy)

Aquagenic Pruritus or water allergy is the condition of the body when the skin starts to itch as soon as it comes in contact of water. Humid condition, perspiration and rain can enhance the condition.

Allergy may start at any age. Cause of this type of itching is only water contact. This itching condition lasts nearly one hour after it comes in contact of water. Water allergy is curable. A right type of hygiene, proper medication and clothing choices can cure or minimize the allergy condition.

When you have itching, after getting a bath or coming in contact with water, do not forget to visit a doctor and take his valuable advice. Do not neglect it because it may be an early symptom of any blood disorder. The doctor is the ideal person who can diagnosis whether it is a simple water allergy or it is something more serious.

You also can follow few methods whenever you come across this problem. Stay away from garments that are made from synthetic or artificial fiber.

Wear cotton cloth. Use cotton socks. Make sure that what you sleep upon, that is bed sheet, pillow-cover, etc are made of cotton. Cotton is ideal in case of any skin disease and of course in case of water allergy. Cotton is porous and it helps to circulate air which is necessary for skin.

When you take bath make sure that the water is not very cold. If you have allergy then it is better to bath in warm water so that your skin may not be irritated. The temperature is another factor that causes allergy. You may add some antiseptic lotion in your bath water.

If you need to use soap, use baby soap to remove dirt and oil from your skin. Another effective way to stop irritation is massaging baby oil on whole of the body before going to bath. Oil works as shield and lessens the allergic reaction to the water.

You can also massage baby oil on skin to stop irritation even after bath. Wipe your skin with 100% cotton towel after bathing. Make sure that your skin is completely dry before wearing any garments. You can sprinkle baby powder on skin before wearing your clothes.


  • Richard Bland

    I had this distressing condition. I fixed it by simply drinking much more water. I was dehydrated and AP was the result. Drinking 4 pints of water a day (and drinking when I get up at night) – a simple and harmless fix. I hope this helps someone else too.